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Ms. Light is the librarian at Christiansburg High School and is a reading machine.  Check out her blog for some great reading suggestions.

In celebration of National Library Week, the NHS Library hosted the “Ultimate Library Cake Off” on Friday, April 19.  Here are the winners:

Most Creative

cake inspired by Paolini's "Inheritance"

Created by Cody F., Sam W., Justice M., Brooke T., and Anthony P. Inspired by the Inheritance, the final installment of Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance Cycle.”












Most Likely to Make You Want to Read the Book

Created by Kelcie L., Shana D., and Carrie O. Inspired by “The Little Engine That Could.”

Best Overall

Inspired by "The Giver."

Created by Paige H. Inspired by “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.

Monday-Wednesday, sign up with Ms. Christle to decorate a cake inspired by your favorite book.

“The Library” by Frank Dempster Sherman

GIVE me the room whose every nook
Is dedicated to a book:
Two windows will suffice for air
And grant the light admission there,-
One looking to the south, and one
To speed the red, departing sun.
The eastern wall from frieze to plinth,
Shall be the Poet’s labyrinth,
Where one may find the lords of rhyme
From Homer’s down to Dobson’s time;
And at the northern side a space
Shall show an open chimney-place,
Set round with ancient tiles that tell
Some legend old, and weave a spell
About the firedog-guarded seat,
Where, Musing, one may taste the heat:
Above, the mantel should not lack
For curious and bric-a-brac,-
Not much, but just enough to light
The room up when the fire is bright.
The volumes on this wall should be
All prose and all philosophy,
From Plato down to those who are
The dim reflections of that star;
For since the problem first was set
No one has ever solved it yet.
Upon the shelves along the west
The scientific books shall rest;
Beside the, History; above,-
Religion,-hope, and faith, and love:
Lastly, the southern wall should hold
The story-tellers, new and old;
Haroun al Raschid, who was truth
And happiness to all my youth,
Shall have the honored place of all
That dwell upon the sunny wall;
Ans with him there shall stand a throng
Of those who help mankind along
More by their fascinating lies
Than all the learning of the wise.

Such be the library; and take
This motto of a Latin make
To grace the door through which I pass;
Hic habitat Felicitas!

From An American Anthology 1787-1900, edited by Edmund Clarence Stedman.

In honor of National Poetry Month, the NHS Library Blog will post a public domain poem each week.  Thanks to DC Public Library for the great idea.

A Nook and a Book

Give me a nook and a book,
And let the proud world spin round;
Let it scramble by hook or by crook
For wealth or a name with a sound.
You are welcome to amble your ways,
Aspirers to place or to glory;
May big bells jangle your praise,
And golden pens blazon your story!
For me, let me dwell in my nook,
Here by the curve of this brook,
That croons to the tune of my book,
Whose melody wafts me forever
On the waves of an unseen river.

Give me a book and a nook
Far away from the glitter and strife;
Give me a staff and a crook,
The calm and the sweetness of life:
Let me pause–let me brood as I list,
On the marvels of heaven’s own spinning–
Sunlight and moonlight and mist,
Glorious without slaying or sinning.
Vain world, let me reign in my nook,
King of his kingdom, my book,
A region by fashion forsook;
Pass on, ye lean gamblers for glory,
Nor mar the sweet tune of my story!

William Freeland, from”A Birth Song and other Poems.” 1882



Accessing Destiny and how to do a simple search.

Using OneSearch

Thesis Statement Generator

Here are links to help you get started with your research project using Destiny.  Please make sure the volume is turned up on your computer.

Accessing Destiny and how to do a simple search.

Using OneSearch

The recent release of the movie Beautiful Creatures, based on the books by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, once again sparks the debate:  Which is better–book or movie?  Drop by the Library and fill out our survey . . . and check out some books.

Everyone knows my opinion!  :-)

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